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    EZ Curl Olympic Bar with Barbell Collars and Weights

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    *Weights and collars can be sold separately. 2@2.5 lbs - $20 2@10.0 lbs - $60 Barbell Collars - $30 * ★ STRONG & VERSATILE ★ – Our EZ Curl Bars are made with high-quality steel. It is built to stand up to your most challenging workouts, which is why we built it to hold a max load of 450lbs. The EZ Curl Bar is designed to challenge your limits and hold heavy weights for curls, rows, extensions, zercher squats, and more. * ★ SLEEK FINISH ★ – This bar comes in 4 stunning options: Chrome, Black, Black/Chrome, or Red/Black. Both look great and protect the steel underneath from oxidation and wear. This allows you to get the most reps out of your bar -- we want to give you the best value for your hard-earned money! * ★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN ★ – The curved shaft of the EZ Curl Bar helps you avoid injuries by reducing stress on your wrists. Using a straight curl bar can place your wrists in compromised positions, creating tension on your joint. The specially designed curves in our Bar help to reduce this strain by allowing your wrists and elbows to remain in a more natural position during exercises. The special angled design also helps build upper arm, forearm and stabilizer muscles * ★ CLASSIC DESIGN ★ – Generations of lifters have used this standard metal weight plate design to reach their goals. Our Synergee Standard Metal Weight Plates are solid, compact, and durable for your toughest workouts. The sleek design, easy-to-grip ledge, and raised weight markings make them the perfect addition to every lifter’s gym. * ★ PERFECT FOR ALL TRAINING PROGRAMS ★ – These plates are perfect for any Olympic or power lifter, body builders, or toners/sculptors. The plates fit on a standard Olympic, power-lifting, or hex barbell; or any other bar with a 2”-diameter sleeve. They also make great weights for halos, raises, twists, and plyo moves. * ★ LB & KILO MARKING ★ – From near and far, you’ll be able to identify these weights easily. Each plate is marked with LB and KG weights to match whatever metric you use in our training program. With raised digits, highlighted with white paint against a black matte finish, they are extremely legible and take the guesswork out of adding weight to your barbell. * ★ STELLAR GRIP ★ - Our Barbell Collars fit securely around a standard 2” diameter Olympic barbell to provide a resilient, won’t-let-up grip to keep your bumper plates in place – no matter how many you have on the bar! * ★ HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION ★ – These Collars are made from durable and lightweight aluminum. Unlike plastic competitors, our collars have a rubberized lining to ensure a strong hold and protect the bar. This grip pad runs the circumference of the bar to provide even, locked-in support. * ★ EFFORTLESS TO USE ★ – Our lock and release design is simple and solid. We made our collars easy to use to ensure you waste no time during your training. Quickly change the plates on your barbell to maximize gains. The collars are lightweight and transportable, so you can bring your personal, head-turning collars wherever you workout!

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