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    Meet Kitty πŸ‘‹ 🏑 Neighbourhood: Willowdale, North York πŸš€ Karrot Status: Legendary Karroter 🐢 Fun Fact: I like to take my dog Ollie on a walk whenever I’m going to deliver or pick up an item. Ollie knows he’s a Karrot doggie. Why Karrot? Everything on Karrot feels so much more personal and meeting other Karroters feels like sunshine to me. We are all neighbours. We all care for this city and surrounding areas. We all want to meet "strangers" safely to buy and sell things that are still useful that may otherwise end up as waste. I find their positive energy contagious and whenever I meet a new Karroter I always say β€˜Welcome to the Karrot world!’. Memorable Karrot Story I once bought a cabbage patch kids from another Karroter that was selling these vintage toys. In the 80s, when I was a kid, I really wanted a cabbage patch doll but my family was from Mexico and we couldn’t afford it. Now that I’m older, I can purchase all the toys I wasn’t able to receive as a kid on Karrot and it makes my purchases so meaningful. Tip #1 Get to know your neighbours - Have a little chat when you meet up with them if you get the chance. I stay connected with many of the Karroters I meet through the app and we even give each other feedback on our listings and chat with each other from time to time! Tip #2 Set up search alerts! It’s one of my favourite features and you can use it to find what you’re looking for easily. I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan so I get notifications whenever a listing pops up and it helps me indulge in my Hello Kitty collection :) Tip #3 Simply changing your opening message from β€œIs it available” to β€œHi is this available? I’m interested in picking it up today at ____” will make you seem more genuine. Always be thoughtful when communicating. BONUS TIP You will never regret being kind - Karrot is a full of good vibes that lead to the butterfly effect! We never know when a small gesture can become the sunshine needed in someone else’s life πŸ¦‹ See Kitty's profile here: karrot://hash_users/D9kOBoy4YBQ7AW4m Thanks for reading everyone! If you're interested in becoming the next "Karroter of the month" leave a comment below about what makes the Karrot community unique to you. We'll be picking from the comments!πŸ‘‡

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