Pink male to male AUX cable

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    **Note that only one cable is available for $5 (or a trade)** Bought, tested, works, but never actually used because I got another one in a different colour that I preferred at that time. Approx 36.5 inches long. Might have used twice (I also no longer have a compatible device so I can’t put this into use). — Willing to trade for things I need/want such as: - Dexcom G6 sensors & accessories (e.g. overpatches) - Zinc (25 OR 50 mg only; must be new) - Calcium supplement - Children’s multivites (if you have adult ones, I need to see ingredient list as there’s a mineral I cannot consume) - Gift cards (Costco, Home depot, Cdn Tire, FreshCo, Food Basics, T&T, Walmart, Tim Hortons, Indigo, ESSO, Sephora, Mastercard) - Cash - specifically coins or $5 bills (also looking for commemorative coins) - Brita filters (regular but will consider water bottle filters) - Silicone trays (for ice cubes) - Cleaning supplies (eco-friendly preferred; for bathroom, kitchen, windows) - Toilet paper & paper towels - Soak Wash (any) - Alcohol swabs, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide - Toothpaste, toothbrushes - Adjustable sleep eye mask (silk or satin ONLY; extremely picky, esp w/ fabrics/texture) - Queen sized bed sheets + duvet cover (new/unused only) - From the beach: Seaglass, gems/crystals, pebbles, smooth round egg/circled shaped pebbles/stones, fossils, driftwood, pottery fragments - EK Tools Classic Tag Punch (specifically this one) - Sewing service (to replace an elastic & repair rips) - Beige, black stockings/black dress socks (XS & new) - Cream of tartar - Yeast (can be instant) - Organic flour (small bags)/bread or all-purpose flour - Vanilla (real) but will also consider extract if sealed, ube, matcha, peppermint extract (will consider other flavours that have no nuts or cocoa) - Butter - Brown sugar - Sea salt (new; prefer Celtic Sea Salt brand) - Collagen supplements (sealed preferred - need ingredient list) Plants 🪴 - Oxalis triangularis - String of pearls - Moonstone succulents - Blue pearl sedum - White Princess philodendron - Philodendron caramel marble - Triostar - Piccolo Banda - Greenovia (e.g. Dodrantalis) - Birds of Paradise - Echeveria (All colours: leaves are fine too) - Aeonium ‘Moonburst’ - Forget me nots - Camomile - Tradescantia nanouk & tradescantia zebrina - Succulents & air plants that I don’t have (let me know what you have!) - Pink Princess philodendron - Plants with interesting colours or leaves; e.g. pink or black coloured leaves Plant accessories 🌱 - Moisture meter - Flower pots (picky - ceramics; can be handmade; prefer something w/ drainage hole) - (Homemade) succulent soil (a large ziplock bag will do) - Perlite - Orchid bark - Horticulture charcoal - Sticky traps/stickyfoot - Orchid pots (clear plastic ones) - Pineapple or a flamingo/bird planter

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