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    trees with stones of 300 beads Hear are the benefits of each gemstone tree described in points: 1. Rose Quartz Tree: - Promotes love, compassion, and emotional healing. - Attracts love and nurtures relationships. 2. Amethyst Tree: - Calms and soothes, promoting relaxation and stress relief. - Enhances spiritual awareness. 3. Tiger Eye Tree: - Provides protection and boosts confidence. - Enhances courage, willpower, and self-confidence. - Promotes clarity of intention and manifestation. 4. Lapis Lazuli Tree: - Enhances wisdom and intuition. - Improves mental clarity and spiritual growth. 5. Clear Quartz Tree: - Amplifies energies and intentions. - Enhances clarity and focus. 6. Red Jasper Tree: - Increases courage and strength. - Provides stability and vitality. 7. White Rainbow Agate Tree: - Brings balance and harmony to mind, body, and spirit. - Enhances mental focus and concentration. 8. Red Carnelian Tree: - Boosts motivation, creativity, and confidence. - Energizes and inspires. 9. Green Jade Tree: - Promotes emotional balance and tranquility. - Attracts abundance and good luck. 10. Yellow Aventurine Tree: - Enhances confidence, willpower, and self-esteem. - Attracts success and prosperity. 11. Labradorite Tree: - Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. - Protects against negative energies. - Stimulates psychic abilities. 12. Black Agate Tree: - Provides grounding and protection. - Absorbs and transforms negative energies. - Promotes emotional stability and inner strength.

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